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Machine Learning Fundamentals

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Machine Learning Fundamentals

Are you interested in Machine Learning? Would you like to obtain better insights and make predictions about your business? If you want to make the most of this technology and get analytical prediction results, do not miss this course. It is your chance to learn Machine Learning with practical cases, from scratch!

Main Objectives

  • Learn the fundamentals of machine learning
  • Understand practical cases and where you can apply these predictive models to improve data analytics in your everyday business
  • How to apply what you have learnt with Azure Machine Learning Studio
  • See algorithm optimization techniques to achieve the best possible results
  • Learn how to operationalize your models to be able to consume them from any application or process

Is it for you?

  • If you are new to this technology and would like to learn how does predictive analytics work
  • If you need to see examples through real cases in order to be extrapolate the solution to meet your business needs
  • If you need to put into practice right away
  • If you believe in the data culture and want to exploit it to be more competitive
  • If you need to LEARN from your data!
About the course

During the course you will learn all the basics of machine learning with practical cases and where you can apply these predictive models to improve data analytics in your business day by day.

Demos are run with Azure Machine Learning Studio. We have chosen this tool because it is very easy to define and understand the applied processes. With its drag-and-drop tool, you can use build, test, and deploy predictive analytics solutions on your data in just a few steps.

You will learn how to publish models as web services that can easily be consumed by custom apps or BI tools such as Microsoft Excel.

What next?

After this training, you will learn the basic concepts that will allow you to apply in more advanced tools such as R, Python, Hadoop, Spark or any other Data Science platform or language.

Course Outline

1. Introduction to Machine Learning
  • About the instructor
  • What is Machine Learning?
  • Machine Learning Applications
  • Microsoft ecosystem for Machine Learning
  • Data Science life cycle
2. Data Exploration
  • Introduction to Data Exploration
  • What is EDA? Why is it so important?
  • Visualizing data
  • Demo 2.1
  • Advanced data visualization
  • Demo 2.2
  • Quiz 02
3. Data Transformation
  • Introduction to Data Transformation
  • Why to Transform Data? Common scenarios
  • Dealing with Data (1/2)
  • Demo 3.1
  • Dealing with Data (2/2)
  • Demo 3.2
  • Quiz 03
4. Training Machine Learning Models
  • Introduction to Training Machine Learning Models
  • Types of Machine Learning Problems
  • Training and Evaluating Classifiers
  • Demo 4.1
  • Training and Evaluating Regressors
  • Demo 4.2
  • Quiz 04
5. Feature Engineering and Model Tuning
  • Introduction to Feature Engineering
  • When basic data is not enought
  • Demo 5.1
  • Feature Engineering
  • Demo 5.2
  • Tuning Hyperparameters
  • Demo 5.3
  • Quiz 05
6. Consuming ML Models
  • Introduction to Consuming Models
  • Publishing a Machine Learning Model as a Web Service
  • Demo 6.1
  • Consuming a Web Service
  • Demo 6.2
  • Quiz 06

Meet the instructor

Pau Sempere | ML Practice Lead

Pau Sempere holds a Masters’ Degree in Computer Science. He has been working for more than 8 years as a mentor and trainer in Data Analytics, Data Warehousing, Machine Learning and Data Science. He co-wrote Microsoft´s official “Exam Ref 70-774 Perform Cloud Data Science with Azure Machine Learning”, and actively collaborates organizing events such as “AI & Data Analytics” and “SQL Saturday” in Madrid. He often participates as a speaker at national and international technical events.

About Machine Learning

Machine Learning seemed to be a very complex solution to implement. However, thanks to the expansion of critical-mission databases and Business Intelligence systems, it has made it easier to understand ML and its applications, by engineers, scientist and users in general.

To be honest, almost any company can use Machine Learning in their business and boost up their sales and save money, time and resources.
Azure Machine Learning Studio is a friendly tool that will help you implement ML projects quickly and easily. It will very easily let you understand the basics and implement your first predictive and prescriptive analytics projects for business.

Machine Learning is here to stay. Betting on the implementation of Machine learning is a guarantee to remain competitive, both in your business and in your professional career.

Would you like to obtain better insights and make predictions about your business?

This course includes:

  • 6 Modules
  • 5 Labs
  • 6 Quizzes
  • Certificate of completion

Original price: $297 | 257€

(TAX Excl. Only apply in Europe)


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