T-SQL Fundamentals

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Do you want to write correct, effective, and robust T-SQL code? It is your chance to learn T-SQL with practical cases with Itzik Ben-Gan!

Is it for you?

  • If you are self-taught, and gained your knowledge “by the seat of your pants”, or you have familiarity with basic relational database concepts and SQL, but you do not feel comfortable with T-SQL yet.
  • If you want to learn with Itzik about his methodology using his demo code samples.
  • If you need a strong foundation in this field and you want to learn from wherever you want, whenever you want, watching the lessons as many times as you need.

Main benefits

  • Understand Logical Query Processing and its relevance to writing correct and robust T-SQL code.
  • Write queries against a single table applying filtering, grouping and sorting of data.
  • Write queries against multiple tables using joins, subqueries, APPLY and set-operators.

This course includes:

7 modules with lessons, labs and demos:

  1. Intro and Agenda.
  2. Single Table Queries.
  3. Joins.
  4. Subqueries.
  5. Table Expressions.
  6. Set Operators.
  7.  Beyond the Fundamentals of Querying.

1 review for T-SQL Fundamentals

  1. Luca Carraro (verified owner)

    Even as a long time T-sql practitioner I always find something new and interesting in Itzik Ben-Gan’s material. Looking forward for an intermediate and advanced version.

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